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Southwest Appraisal Service, Inc.



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ORDER AN APPRAISAL - Just click on the Order Appraisal button on our home page and fill in the form with the required information.

ORDER ACCEPTANCE - After your order is received in our office, you will receive an e-mail confirming acceptance of your order, payment requirement along with our current due date.

ORDER DECLINE - After your order inquiry is received, it will be reviewed and if not accepted, we will e-mail you notice that your order has not been accepted and the reason for the decline. 

RUSH ORDER - In instances when an appraisal request is a rush order request by a client, SWAS may charge an additional rush fee when it accepts the rush order.  All rush order fee's are agreed to by both parties prior to acceptance of the appraisal order.

SCHEDULING APPOINTMENT - Calls for scheduling appointments will typically be made within 24 hours after acceptance of the order, with the borrower being called daily until the appointment is scheduled.

APPOINTMENT SCHEDULED - When an appointment is scheduled you will be e-mailed the date and time of the inspection appointment.  Each attempt at contacting the borrower is documented and if there is difficulty in setting the appointment, you will be e-mailed of this. 

STATUS UPDATE - Each client will have their ordered appraisal updated via e-mail for any major status change or issues that could affect the due date. 

APPRAISAL REPORT DELIVERY -  All appraisals typically are delivered electronically through e-mail to the e-mail address provided in the order.  Other delivery services are available upon request.


Check & CREDIT CARD -  Orders may be paid by lender or borrower prior to inspection via check or credit card.  A $25 processing fee is charged for credit card payments.

BILLING -  Billing is only available to clients who have been approved by SWAS corporate office in writing prior to acceptance of any order.  All billings are due upon receipt of invoice. 


                                                   CUSTOMER SERVICE

Southwest Appraisal Service, Inc. understands that you are our client and customer and without you, we have no business, which creates a tremendous responsiveness to our clients needs.  We understand the phases and process that go into a real estate sale, refinancing, funding loans and the other services we provide.  We will do everything we can to provide the customer service required to satisfy our clients many requirements.  To contact us, please e-mail us at charles@appraisinglv.com or call us at 702-870-8788. 


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